Network Security

Network Security is the process of protecting data and networks from threats and malware. Your application’s functionality runs safely when they have proper security. To save the data, devices, and processes, it is mandatory to have Network Security for your applications.

Avoid threatening the environment around your applications with the help of the best security. Every layer of network security will protect from malware and malicious activities. Avoiding threats is easy now if you choose Network Security to protect your applications.

What is Network Security ?

Network security is the best way to protect or prevent unauthorized activities happened on your applications. Network security concentrates on device interaction and the connectivity between the devices. The hardware and software prevention from unauthorized access, modification, malfunction, misuse, improper disclosure, or destruction, the network security works well. It creates a secure environment around the computer platform and also the user’s platform.

Various Network Security Layers are work as soldiers to protect the data. We have included some of the important Types of Network Securities below. Check out different types of network security and immediately protect your network from malware.

Types of Network Security

Access control

Access control can improve network security by providing limited authentication to users. Only some parts of the network can assign to users according to their user access and responsibilities. Attackers may not get into the network if the damage is limited with the Network Security Access Control.

Anomaly detection

Without having the proper knowledge of how the network is working, it is really difficult for users to identify anomalies. The Network anomaly detection engines (ADE) able to recognize such breaches and will alert you immediately.

Anti-Malware Software

The malware may be in the form of worms, viruses, etc. This malware enters into the computer devices and damages the networks easily. The Anti-Malware Software that is part of the network security software can instantly identify such malware and malware activities and prevent them by stop spreading.

Data loss prevention (DLP)

An important operation for users is data protection. Financial, personal, and all other related is prevented with the help of network security. DLP technologies will help you to protect your sensitive information easily.


Application Security

Applications are the main source to get damage by third parties. Different vulnerabilities can exploit into your system to theft the data. Network security can easily give protection to your applications.


Web security

Safe web use from the network will avoid threats to your data. Network security can make your web usage secure and avoid troubles.


Wireless security

A more concentration is given to Wireless security as they are most affected compared to the traditional networks.


Email security

The world is running with emails for all professional and personal works. Attackers send phishing emails to theft your information or to hack your system. Therefore, Email Security is an important criterion to have safe data transfer.


Endpoint security

Bring your own device (BYOD) in the security mode while operating with other networks. Endpoint security will cover with an additional layer to protect your devices and business networks.

Why Cyber Allegiance for Network Security?

All types of threats will stay away from you if you choose our Network Security. Your network environment will be safe all the time with encryption and high-end security. Without compromising on the quality of our service, we will give you the best Network Security Services at an affordable price.