Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security will provide high-end security to run your business without any flaws. The AWS Security will protect all of your information, identities, devices, and applications, etc. Improve your business profit by leaving the security to us. AAWS Security will perform all the security tasks so that you can easily concentrate on your works without any hesitation. An efficient infrastructure is provided to build security for your applications. AWS Security will give you highly secure and high-performing features and benefits.

Benefits of AWS Security

Data Protection:   AWS Security will protect your privacy. Every bit of data is processed from a high infrastructure AWS data Center.

Scales Quickly: Without Considering the size of an enterprise, AWS Cloud Security will give high-end data security.

Saves Operational Cost: The Operational Cost will be reduced to maintain on-premise facilities. 

Meet Compliance Requirements: Various programs can manage through AWS Security infrastructure. 


AWS Cloud Security and Compliance

AWS Security will give you security and data protection in the cloud. Many features are given with the AWS Security which gives huge benefits to users to protect their data. All the cloud-stored information is maintained, monitored, restricted, and protected to the correct level with the help of AWS Security. Various AWS Security Services will protect your applications from vulnerabilities and threats.

AWS -Identity & Access

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) will help the users to manage their AWS services securely. AWS users can create groups and manage the resources without any problem with threats. Fine-grained access control, Multi-factor authentication, analyze access, integrate with the corporate directory is managed with the AWS Identity and Access Management.

AWS Secrets Manager

AWS Secrets Manager can quickly and easily change, manage, or retrieve database credentials, etc. All the credentials or secrets related to your applications; services can protect with AWS Secrets Manager.

Amazon Macie

Amazon Macie can protect sensitive information using machine learning and pattern matching. Data security and privacy are easy with the Amazon Macie as it provides an inventory of Amazon S3 buckets and applies machine learning and pattern matching techniques to them.

AWS Shield

AWS Shield can protect all the applications running on AWS. It is a managed Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection service. Also, it can easily reduce application downtime and latency.

AWS Database Security

AWS Database Security is given with the highest priority. Managing and maintaining AWS databases is easy with AWS Database Security. Amazon DynamoDB Security, Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) Security, Amazon Redshift Security are provided to the users to protect their information.

Amazon Guard Duty

Every malicious activity can be easily identified with the help of Amazon Guard Duty. It continuously monitors and looks for malicious activities and identifies unauthorized behavior immediately.

Resource Access

AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM) can help you to share AWS resources from one account to another account securely. It allows you to share AWS Transit Gateways, Subnets, Amazon Route 53 Resolver rules resources, and AWS License Manager Configurations with RAM.

Amazon Inspector

Amazon Inspector can help to increase the security and compliance of all the applications present in the AWS. It can automatically detect vulnerabilities, exposure, and deviations.

Amazon Key Management Service (Encryption)

Amazon KMS will create and manage cryptographic keys. Also, they can control the usage of cryptographic keys in your AWS services as well as in your applications. It uses hardware security modules to validate and protect your keys.


AWS Managed hardware security module (HSM) can generate your own encryption keys and use them on the AWS Cloud. Security controls when working with Amazon S3.  Amazon S3 will help to protect both the server-side and client-side by encrypting them. It can easily recognize unauthorized access. It is the only object storage service that can block public access to all of your objects.

AWS Web Application Firewall can protect web applications from web bots and exploits. All attacks and hacks can be stopped on web applications using AWS Web Application Firewall.

AWS Firewall Manager can manage firewall rules on all of your accounts and applications in AWS. Firewall Manager makes it easy to find new applications with a common set of security rules.

AWS Identity Federation is the trust between two parties to get authentication of their resources. The identity provider (IdP) is responsible for user authentication and also for a service provider (SP).