Source Code Review

Source Code Review is the important criteria to protect applications. Security Code Review helps you to run your applications without compromise. Line by line verification will help to easily find errors in your application. Mainly, hackers will insist on malicious code in the background code. So, the applications easily affect and run slow or completely destroy. To avoid such malicious activities, it is necessary to have a Source Code Review.


So, the applications easily affect and run slow or completely destroy. To avoid such malicious activities, it is necessary to have a Source Code Review. You can easily avoid the security vulnerabilities and remove them in a fraction of minutes. Easy error detection and Vulnerability exposure come together if you choose our Source Code Review Services.

What is Source Code Review

Source Code Review or Security Code Review is the process of identifying the hidden vulnerabilities. A quality test is a process on applications to protect them from malware attacked on them. Security Code Review can identify logic errors, check style guidelines, examines spec implementation among other activities. The source code review can take place through a manual process or an automated process.

Why Source Code Review

Most of the applications are protected from threats with the help of the Source Code Review process. 

  • Thorough Analysis
  • Faster Analysis
  • Overcome Testing Limitations
  • Instant Solutions

Faster Results

It is a fast way to identify bugs in the application or software. The entire code is tested within less time and identifies the errors easily.


Thorough Analysis

Application entire   code layout can be easily identified along with the entry points or inputs, interfaces, data handling, and also external API and frameworks.


Overcome Testing Limitations

All the weak algorithms, insecure configurations, design flaws, and also insecure coding also recognizes in minutes with the help of Source Code Review


Instant Solutions

As the error detected quickly, it is easy to find the solution to avoid malware. All the common vulnerabilities  are easily  avoided  through Security Code Review

Source Code Review Services

Code Analysis

The code analysis takes place in two different ways. One is in an automated way and another one is the manual way.

Automated analysis

Automated tools involved in the security code review to find malware or malicious code in the applications

Manual analysis

Manual analysis is the process of reviewing the code and finding errors manually or with the step-by-step process.


A detailed report with the code analysis, errors, solutions, and also secured process is mentioned in the report that helps your applications safe and secure.

Best Part of Cyber Allegiance


Quick Approach

We use different methods to give security to your applications. Every part of your application will be protected without compromising in quality.


High-End Security

Our Source Code Review will give you the best output to protect your applications. High-end security is given to the applications with the source code review service


Immediate Solution

We will identify the threats if any occur to your website and provide the best suggestions from the industry experts.