Thick Client Application Security

Many updated applications are handling from the user’s end or from the client-server network nowadays. So, it is your responsibility to protect the thick client applications to avoid the risks and malware. Protection of the applications to transfer the data securely and also protecting database servers is important to run a smooth life. Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Skype are some of the examples of Thick Client Applications. Thick Client Applications take up the memory and also run on the computer resources.

What is Thick Client Application Security

Thick Client Application Security is the security provided to Thick Client Applications. They installed on the user’s servers and occupy the memory and operate from the user side. The Thick Client Application Security will take care of the local and server-side processing and also of the protocols for communication.

Thick Application Security Vulnerabilities

There are many issues that arise while using Thick Applications. Such as serious security problems, injection vulnerabilities, memory corruption vulnerabilities, client-side trust issues, and cryptographic weaknesses, etc. These effects can compromise the application usage where the thick client software is installed. Therefore, a better security approach is mandatory to protect from Thick Application Security Vulnerabilities.

Step-by-Step Process to Protect Thick Client Applications with our Thick Client Application Security In-depth analysis will take place with our Thick Client App Security system. Have a look at the below procedure to get the best approach for your Thick Client Application Protection.


A clear way of approach is explained to our users regarding the protection of their Thick Client Application Security. Pre-Engagement will give them an idea about our services and the way of protection to the applications.

Vulnerability Analysis

The risk may happen either from the Client-side or from the server-side. So, we will check out and take care of both Client and Server-side with our high-end securities. All the flaws on the client-side and also on the server-side are easily found out through our testing process.

Server-side Analysis

The server software will also go through many testing to protect them from malware. It also includes both manual and automated testing processes during the phase.

Study the Application

A crucial step is the deep study of the applications and understanding their behavior and requirement to give the best security to them. Different levels of tests take place to take the complete analysis of applications.

Client-Side Analysis

We will analyze the thick client software with both manual and dynamic testing processes. All the activities like memory dumps, testing IPC channels, in-depth reverse engineering, and fuzzing file inputs are tested in Client Side Analysis.

Think Application Security

We will give protection to your Think Applications against Think Application vulnerabilities. No threat will grab your information or destroy your information if you go with our Think Application Security.

Why Cyber Allegiance for Thick Client App Security?

The best approach to get Thick Client Application Security is choosing Cyber Allegiance Security Services. Our Thick Client Security analysis gives protection for both Server-side APIs it communicates with and the thick client software. Your applications are protected from Attackers, Potential attack vectors, High-risk areas in the system, and Assets. We will take a deep analysis of your application and provide the security according to the risk level.

  • Easily prevent the data modification from unauthorized external sources.
  • Protect from financial loss.
  • To build trust and confidence with customers.
  • Identify attacks that happen on any part of your application.
  • Prevention in loss of reputation resulting from security incidents.